As a student avoid fatigue?

Fatigued Student
The nervous system of students and daily experiences heavy load. Preparation for seminars, exams, and writing term papers and examinations take a lot of effort and energy. In this modern system of education requires mastering larger and larger amounts of information in an increasingly tight deadlines. In this mode, it is difficult to avoid fatigue. However reduce fatigue and organize your learning process as efficiently as possible is quite real! To do this, you should remember the following rules: 

1. Fatigue easier to avoid than to fight its effects, so direct your efforts to organize time to study from the beginning, and do not wait until your body demands it hard on you.

 2. A study of a new material or writing tests, necessary to arrange a short rest breaks. This is especially true if you work at the computer! Please remember that the break should not be too long, not to interrupt the thought process, but sufficient to relieve the stress from the eyes.

3. Prolonged use of the same material is a so-called "habituation", in which the concentration of attention, and thus the efficiency of the decline. In such a case would be superfluous to change the subject and start exploring a different theme, or perform other tasks. This is especially true in cases where do the job does not succeed. Later, you can come back to this material, and with renewed strength to easily cope with the task.

 4. The focus is significantly reduced after an hour of work on a task. With this in mind, break the task posed by small parts to complete each of them plan to no more than 30 minutes.

5. Eliminate all distractions from your field of vision. If you are worried about any thoughts - write them down on paper. Such a simple way to allow you to make room in memory for the current job. At the same time, you do not run the risk of forgetting something important - because you wrote it down on paper!

 6. If you work for a long time without changing the position of the body, your body is forced to spend most of its resources to support you to accept their positions, thereby reducing the concentration of attention on the training assignment. So take it a practice to periodically make small workout for removal

7. Maintain an active lifestyle! If you do not exercise, then, at least, perform daily walks in the fresh air. That physical activity promotes rapid restoration of health of the nervous system overloaded prolonged intellectual work.
 Above is a simple but very effective way to maintain a high concentration when the training assignment. Observance of these simple rules will allow you not only to focus on executing the task, but also to avoid fatigue.

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