Spanish or Italian? What to choose?

Europe has a fairly dense mass of the population, it is densely populated, and it is home to a large number of people, and there is the largest concentration of occupying the country. If we consider the geography, how the people settled in Europe, it turns out that in the north and center of Europe largely inhabited Germanic peoples, and to the south dominated by the descendants of the Romans - the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. West Europe is divided between the Dutch, English and French, in the East Slavic peoples live.
Historically, the Slavs, always had relations with various European nations, so always had the need to learn foreign languages, and in the world - it has become, almost a necessary condition for growth, both in career and in personal relationships.
Most of the former Soviet Union - a country with severe climatic conditions and the inhabitants of these countries always try to go on holiday there where it's warm. Very popular resorts in Turkey, Egypt and Cyprus, as well as our people love to relax in Italy and Spain and a special preference is given to the Canary Islands.
The rich cultural heritage and good service in these countries, combined with a warm climate and is a major factor in the popularity of the holiday by the tourists. There you can not only relax, but of course there is something to turn his gaze.
It goes to our citizens in this case, the language barrier is a barrier, because the resorts too, as it is necessary to communicate. Of course, within the hotel is usually no problem, as a rule, all the staff, including the restaurants speak English, so having knowledge of English, even at the school level - you are more or less able to understand the staff, and if necessary, you Explain your needs.
But problems can arise for the hotel where you want to go into the city, and there are already English to know about. In this case, the best - learn the language of the indigenous people of these countries, and it is either Spanish or Italian. Otherwise, it can be very unpredictable situation, which, of course we would like to avoid.
It should be noted that Spanish and Italian are Latins that developed from Latin. This group includes other languages, the same French language, which is quite common and widely studied in high schools post-Soviet space.
Spanish in the world says a much larger number of people than in Italian. Spanish is the official language, even the United Nations and recognized as an official language in more than 20 countries around the world, and only three - Italian. Besides Spanish, more and more advances in the role of the language of international communication. Thus, the prestige and importance of the Spanish language worldwide is much higher Italian.
And even in the schools studied Spanish more often than Italian. At first sight, it is safe to say that it is better to learn Spanish, but in practice this is not always the case.After all, foreign language learning, for quite different reasons, the first reason - the study of language as necessary to make learning at school or college. Someone studies language at will as additional knowledge and as a hobby. Others teach foreign languages ​​in order to leisure travel, study or work and conduct their business in other countries, but many learn foreign languages ​​in order to improve their education.
Typically, the language course people come with a full sense of the case, that is, in its sole discretion. For those who study the language as a hobby, then the person is almost the same as what he studied Spanish and Italian. Another thing, when people learn a foreign language in order to travel abroad. There is a choice of language learning depends entirely on which country or countries you plan to travel.
If you like the Canaries, we shall have to learn Spanish, you want to bask in the sun on the Sicilian coast, then it is necessary to study Italian.
If you study a foreign language to study, here plays the role of your prospective major. If you are learning the language in order to go to work abroad, it is necessary to go accordingly to where they pay more - this is understandable, but in this case you have to go then to Italy, so that it is necessary to teach the Italian language, respectively. However, as will be the case in the future, certainly hard to imagine.
As for the conduct of its business, to learn a foreign language is necessary because of those reasons, where and in what country you have the most established personal relationships and contacts. If this is Spain, Latin America, the southern states of the U.S., in this case, you have to learn Spanish. Well, if your connection to Italy, southern Switzerland and France on the Mediterranean island, in this case, you have to learn Italian.
When you are learning foreign languages ​​to enhance their education. Then this case it's hard, anything to advise - it's all very individual. Here every man is defined in the desires themselves.
And if you have to choose which one you learn a foreign language - Spanish or Italian, you want to believe that this material will help you make the right choice. And you really learn a foreign language that you need in the future is very useful.

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