Whence came the word Hello?

What is the first word in the English language did you learn? Certainly if not the first, then one of the first words to you the word hello, that is to say, hello. This is logical: after all, and it starts with the word most English-language conversations. But do you know, went from the word?

It is not from the past as it might seem. In his article "The shocking story of the word hello» linguist Robert Krulvich argues that where there is a common word.

The Oxford Dictionary says that the first official use of the word hello refers to 1827. At that time, the word is used not so much as a greeting, but as a way to attract attention, much like our "hey, you!" In such examples as "hey you, come here," or "hey you, you stepped on my foot! ". Hello was not welcome as long as the phone was not invented ...! In the words of the dictionary in the first official word hello speech introduced by Thomas Edison. It was he who persuaded the first "customers" say hello, to answer the call. So the word caught on - first in the telephone etiquette, well then went to the streets, becoming one of the most common words in the English language.

However, Edison tried to enter not only the word hello in the phone language. Another of his invention, is not well settled - a phrase which, according to his idea, it should terminate all calls: not "goodbye" or "Goodbye", and "" That's all. " This army conciseness, in terms of Edison, had more sense than "goodbye", which means that the sides of farewell to be in one and the same place.

Like this can affect the progress on the development of language. The only thing that is not clear from the article Robert Krulvicha - is how to promote the English word hello hello? But this - in future articles. And yet - Learning from pleasure to communicate freely and easily, both live and on the phone!

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