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this is very important and necessary aspect in everyone's life in any country. And we put a lot of effort to learn it in various ways. Nowadays there are many different opportunities for learning a foreign language courses for language learning CDs, cassette tapes, you can study at universities, schools and with tutors, even with the 25th frame. But in order to get a good result should be a wealth of patience and focus languages ​​no less than 2-3 hours each day, on a mission to practice, learn grammar and learn new words. Not everyone have the patience and skill in language learning, as people know grammar, but still can not cross the language barrier. Learned the language and knows it, even wrote on the test papers fine, but when you just need to talk on any subject, then immediately there is a lot of difficulties. And if you do not get a job, which is connected with the study of the language, the passage of time and with no communication skills, it will be forgotten, even if you are very well aware
There is one very good way to explore and deepen the knowledge of the language at the level of conversation with native speakers, as well as to speak the language and it is not to think about, especially if you decide to associate it with his future career. It is also a very great opportunity to see the world, learn the culture of other countries, to find new friends and acquaintances. You have a great experience on the rest of your life, a unique experience, and will live for one or two years in the country of your dream or where you have to go a very long time.
To realize his dream program will help AU-PAIR
This cultural and language program for international youth exchange. The main goal - to improve the knowledge of a foreign language and touch the culture of the country. AU-PAIR word from the French - "equal." This means that for a while you become a member of a particular family, which invites you to her. You will have your rights and responsibilities. Your responsibilities may include childcare and most simple chores. The family itself will provide you and give you everything you need - a private room, meals, tickets and pocket money. And arrange for you an opportunity for you to attend language courses and participate in cultural activities. That's the way, you and you will learn the language. For example, I want to tell you about my acquaintance. He has 3 years of learning the language in high school. I can not say that he was not involved and did not learn the language. But over time, he realized that he could not speak freely in this language, and he constantly had to translate something in mind, but it took a lot of time. Then his sister decided to submit the documents and went to Germany. And nothing wrong with that, it had not been abducted into slavery, and it does not perform the hardest work. A year passed, she returned to Germany and spoke in German is much better than my friend after high school, and although her main language was French.
After a while, my friend also went to Germany. He never regretted anything, for all the time he spent in the country. He talked and he liked the language. He gets a free and properly talk, and even think in that language. For all the time he visited the most beautiful places in Germany, he met with all the participants of this program. He did not have to miss, and a whole year passed negligible. My friend until then rewritten and maintained good relations with the family. A German exams in high school passes with flying colors.

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