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Germany is located in the center of Europe. Modern, cosmopolitan country, which is formed by a variety of styles and truly different ethno-cultural traditions. After the U.S. and Japan, Germany is the third largest in the world in the field of economy and industry. All of these factors and the quality of German education, particularly in the areas of research, attracting students as a good opportunity to conduct research in Germany. Many of the students come to Germany with the help of our company Studentur (Studentur).

Recently held a conference on the German higher education in Chennai surprised students the quality of education provided. Most of those who attended the conference, clearly understood the reason for admission to German universities. "Education in Germany, especially when it comes to science and research, is excellent." The employee of the scientific research company Ershad NA

"Germany is the world champion in the engineering fields, such as electronics, mechatronics, mechanical and automotive." Says Avinash graduate mechanical department.

"Higher education in Germany is much cheaper than in the U.S. or UK. According to Director Studentur (Studentur) Dmitry Sapozhnikov early education in Germany was free, but now some universities charge fees. Despite the fact that the price depends on the university and the States, it is still much lower than in other countries, "said the deputy director of the University of Technology in g.Klaustal Astrid Abel.

(GSO) of the University of Applied Sciences Rene Hileyn added: "Most of the classes at universities in Germany are conducted in German. Therefore, knowledge of German is required. Many universities offer international students studying in English. However, the number of students in Germany is much less than in the UK and the U.S., although in a few years it will grow immediately. "

"Opportunities for students in Germany are huge. After two years of training in speech specialists Studentur (Studentur), they can also stay in the country for a year to look for work and another five years, if they found her. In addition, many large German companies are going to invest their investments in India. If you have two experiences in Germany and you are fluent in the language, you can easily fit into the employees of German companies "also said Mr. Rene Hileyn. University of Applied Sciences offers applicants will receive a bachelor's degree in international business and a master's degree in international marketing.

(Julich) Research Center, one of the largest centers in Europe, is the most popular among foreign students. "About 40 institutions working directly with the center. Students who have a master's degree and some experience in the research, may join the center for three years, "said the head of international relations research center Gunter Lynx.

"Research Center of Germany has excellent laboratories and other facilities. German health research, engineering, and information technology are world-renowned, "adds fellow research center Rena Barta. "Russian students are more interested in research in the field of biotechnology, despite the fact that in Germany, only three institutions that offer this kind of research.

According to her, the tuition does not affect the international students because they get a large enough scholarship. "In our center, students will work part-time, but this is enough to grant 1400 euros per month.

Student Visa

Students who wish to study in Germany must apply for a student visa. Initially, it is issued for a period of three months. Later it should be extended for the duration of training. Visa extension is carried out in the foreign office in Germany. Among Studentur (Studentur) will help you to properly execute documents for the visa.

Scholarship and part-time

The company said Studentur (Studentur) many of the institutions of higher education in Germany, funded by the state, so they are usually trained for free or a fixed fee. The monthly cost of living in Germany is around 650 euros (housing, food, clothing, textbooks and other expenses).

Foreign students are allowed to work up to four hours a day. Students can look for work, both within the university, so for him, but the knowledge of German is required.

In Germany, there are nearly 350 public and private institutions that offer more than 400 disciplines. International programs of higher education are well structured and are aimed at attracting foreign students. Language of instruction is mostly - English. Received degrees from undergraduate to doctorate. Many universities offer training as summer schools, which allow students to gain an understanding of the culture and life in Germany, as well as helping to prepare for university entrance.

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  1. Study Abroad in Germany is a big chance not only for European people but for students from all over the world. They benefit from a high quality educational system, learn a new language and gain experience from this interesting country. Thanks for blogging...


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