French Language - Reflections of grandeur?

Who has not heard of the famous saying of languages: "English is built for business, Spanish - to communicate with God, the German - for the war, and the French for love."
Sung in French incomparable Mireille Mathieu, Edith Piaf and Joe Dassin. On it was written a great novel "Les Miserables", on it his great encyclopedia of life created Honore de Balzac, it talked funny and dashing musketeers Dumas, on it, in the end, other than as a mother, it is written in a driver's license!
Unfortunately many, not only the French, the language lost its former influence and lost heavily. Even in his native Romance language, the number of users it gives not only Spanish, but Portuguese. Remember, and in fact until the early twentieth century, the French language - a language of everyday communication with Russian aristocrats. After all, it communicated the heroes of the novel "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy.
The reasons can be found in this set. This aggressive expansion of English, promoted by the Americans and the impracticality of some French. However, what do you want from the language of love. Impractical as it is expressed in the fact that he was ill-suited for the transmission of compressed concrete information. Lexically French poorer than the same English, which, incidentally, is borrowed to a thousand words!
But because of this lexical poverty French is easier to learn.
Injury to all Europeans - depopulation of indigenous did not pass and the French. And so the French language has hardly kept in dozens of the most popular languages ​​of the world. Now it is spoken by about one hundred and thirty million people (his mother said about ninety million). Another important indicator - the number of Internet users, he ranks eighth.
French is an official language in France, Monaco, and Haiti. In addition, he is one of the state in countries such as Switzerland (mainly the Canton of Geneva), Belgium, Andorra, Luxembourg, Chile, as well as in many African countries, the former French colonies.
It should be said that special French national pride, their language has the potential for a long time held the ten most spoken languages ​​in the world. And it pleases. Agree, will still be boring if the world will rule one English, even if it is the language of the great Shakespeare.
And one humorous passage, so as not to end the article on not very optimistic note. French - champion of the wrong spelling of the Russian-speaking population. Let us go to the Internet and what we see? Search engines are literally choked with all kinds of errors. Once the word "French" do not write! Here are the most common Pearl: French, French. Manage even the word built in two "c" - frantsussky. Most "educated" ignore the letter "n" - fratsuzky.

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