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University education with simultaneous acquisition of earnings permanently occupied mind hypothetical students in Russia. Out for them until recently was correspondence education, but salvation, unfortunately, not absolute. The last few years in Russia is gaining points "successor" of distance education - distance learning. And if the acquisition of the first higher distance is not very acceptable choice for basic skills, the second higher education distance - this is one of the best opportunities for the modern working individual.
Promotion of higher education in the remote country for two main reasons: the development of Internet technology and the modest cost to the university premises and equipment. For several years, web resources and a map of its expansion in Russia increased by an order of magnitude, and also increased the number of private educational institutions, recommending to education remotely. Incidentally, Russia circulated three distance education universities purely distance education and traditional education with branches of distance learning and accredited distance education.
As mentioned above, if you have decided to pursue higher education in a remote, it is best if it is a second degree. And the reasons for this are several:
1. Universities, distance education is not free, and 20-year-old man in Russia is not always able to afford them.
2. Key concept of education - distance. No matter how many there have interactive books, and network resources, reacting to questions you will need to wait - until the teacher will be online. Is therefore recommended to have experience what university education.
3. Indispensable condition - self-organization. Young student harder to control personal time, he did not have the required skill absolute load as working students. And so on.
Distance education in the world is developing very rapidly and there is a relatively long time, but Russia has it, though, the innovation. So do not wait and check each site distance education, which you are interested. Find out opinions and estimates of people read the recommendations as a truly knowledgeable of remote education in the country is not enough. And not every university distance education can afford knowledgeable teachers.
Successful e-learning perspective in Russia is seen only in the expansion potential of the Internet and computer competence of the population - just as the tutor and the student can reduce the distance without losing, and using the further advantages of this form of education.

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