French for Tourists

The fact that the people of France are quite conservative and appreciate their culture to preserve their identity, as to avoid the influence of the West. Therefore, the French are reluctant to talk with visitors in English, even if they know it very decent. But even with a heavy accent said: «Salut comment se rendre à l'avenue des Champs-Elysées» will have a true respect for Aboriginal people. So if you decide to visit the most romantic city in the world, think about learning French. Below you will find some useful advice to follow that can greatly simplify the French conquest, especially for those who want to explore it yourself.

French is much more difficult in most European languages. To learn it perfectly, it takes years of self-improvement, but we have this amount of time, no, because the tickets have been booked, so you have to put an exclamation point only in those areas of French grammar, where it is really needed. Note that with this approach, of any substantial knowledge can not speak, but you can learn elementary.

The first step that you need to do - is to buy a quality tutorial French. It is possible that you can get hold of the book and on the Internet, but to have a paper copy, is preferable. Tutorial will allow minimal string a little to understand the structure of language and grammar will give the bare minimum. In addition, for the study of the French language, you can use additional audio and video materials.

The basis of any language - it is a verb, not forget about it starting to learn French. There are four main verb, which are mentioned more frequently than others: to live, to have, do, be. Learn how they are inclined, bring the decline of these verbs to automatism. To consolidate compose simple sentences with them at least in the present and near future time. And soon, you will already be able to make simple sentences. You start to teach article or adjectives French - absolutely would not have anything. Do not assume that the verbs be quick and easy. Their diversity of form make you terrified. Do not think that everything will be as easy as in the English language. Model of French grammar is quite different. It is very similar to Italian or Spanish.

After studying verbs should work on increasing vocabulary and learn new things every day rule. In other words, the base that you have absorbed the time of the study of verbs, we add something new. Do not forget the cardinal rule: It is better to learn French, focusing on daily exercise for at least 30 minutes, rather than twice a week, spending his off hours to two.

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