The advantage of buying a Diploma

Another 5-7 years ago we had only one way of obtaining a higher education - teaching at the university. Some studied 5 years full-time study, the second had to spend a year more, learning to correspondence, the third after the schools and colleges to learn from a shortened form of training for three years.
One way or another, but we were taught in high school and could not even imagine that it is possible to buy a diploma of higher education, not to waste time and energy on a long training.
In those days, began the process of sale estimates and bribery on the part of some teachers. Education budget places even getting paid for the student to some extent. It was then and there was a demand for the purchase of a diploma. Why pay for training, taking tests and examinations, coursework and tests, and sometimes even for admission to college, when you can just buy a diploma of higher education and to avoid such costs rather big?
Why pay for education, when you in the future with his blue, and, at times, and honors, can not get a job with a degree? Manager, shop assistant, the usual seller - those categories of jobs that employ people with previous education in another specialty. These are the categories of vacancies for which you can get no education and no work experience.
Begs the logical question: why would a long time to learn, to pay for education rather big money, wasting time? It is better to buy a diploma and get a job, even if it is not their specialty.
The benefits are obvious: you used to start working life, you earn experience, which would not have received the training in high school. 5-7 years you will become a good specialist with experience and with the availability of education. So be sure you are in your time decided to buy a diploma of higher education, but you will save time.
Modern harsh reality is that the employer will hire a person with experience, even if it will not even be in higher education. Sense to spend time learning when more profitable and more rational to simply buy a diploma, and for the training required to get such experience?

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