How to Become a Successful Person Or Why We Language School?

Today we will talk on the topic of success. In particular, the successful people. Who is a successful modern man? The easy answer is - a man who achieved success. It seems to be simple and clear. But he achieved this success through what he went through to do this, what guided and what was used? And equally important, what it does once succeeded? And where is this very moment - to achieve success, to which you're still trying to do, and then you've got? I shall not provide detailed guidance on how to take and become a successful person. I just do not know, but if I knew, I probably would not be sitting in front of the monitor now and would not be writing this article. Well, even if I was sitting writing, then perhaps somewhere in the lounge bar, a casino in Monaco or in the Jacuzzi on the balcony of your room on a transatlantic liner. In this article I will provide a set of qualities and skills that a person must possess to be successful, as it were a set of tools. And he will take advantage of these 'supplies - that's another conversation. Perhaps start with education, an integral part of success. We begin to educate parents, grandparents, and then for us to take our brothers and sisters, girls, wives and mistresses, they all tell us how to behave, what to do in a given situation. But it's best to educate ourselves we are analyzing the behavior of other people in different situations, and most importantly - their actions and behavior. Why do we need to be able to conduct themselves well in society, to be able not to lose face in any situation? I think here the answer is obvious - we are still not treating successful people, and we all but those closest to look the other way, it is important to well-proven. To whom? To their teachers at school and at university, before an employee HR department for employment, to the head of his department at work. And this is just the beginning, the easy part. Then go business meetings in cafes and restaurants, the talks in the office, signing contracts, and create new singles on golf courses and tennis courts - this is where our ability to behave and perform self-control as the main tool of a successful person. We turn to education, is also quite obvious tool for success. Similarly education will teach us all since childhood - nursery schools, parents, schools and all the relatives, universities, language and other courses (more on this later) ... Again, the lion's share of education we get on their own. A successful person, as well as people to achieve success must constantly work on yourself in terms of self-education, to continuously expand their horizons, gain knowledge in various fields. Successful people can not understand the bad expensive wine, prestigious car, does not know how to play golf or tennis ... And of course, the successful person must travel a lot. Travel the world changes a person, change its mentality, attitude, views of the world. It's not just what they say, "European mentality," for example. Need to see the relevance to the lives of people of other nationalities, to plunge into the life of different people, try to understand the culture of each country visited. This knowledge will give you a huge advantage over your limited and narrow perception of the trapped world competitors, and significantly increased with your chances of becoming a successful person. So we have come to the conclusion that traveling is also a tool dostideniya success, and now we have to talk about the basic tool enabling the most out of travel - knowledge of a foreign language. Without knowledge of the language in which to communicate with the country you are visiting, you will not be able to overcome the language barrier, to immerse themselves in the culture of the country and enjoy all the nuances of this nation. Of course the languages ​​of all peoples of the world can not learn, you need to learn the basic 2.3. It is not so difficult, because the reward for these works - rosy career and the life of a successful person! You should begin with the English language, because English is a common international language of communication, it is talking half of the globe! In other words, the greatest effect in terms of expanding the geography of travel and communication will be opportunities to study it in English. Following a foreign language which is worth paying attention to, I think Spanish. Why Spanish? If English is international and is native to Britain, America, Australia, the knowledge of the Spanish adds to the list of countries in which you will feel more confident Spain and Latin America, and it is quite big already the choice of targets for travel. Conclusion - A successful person language school are oxygen.
Language school as a compulsory stage of development

In modern society, a language school for a long time is not uncommon, such a huge number of schools opened in every district of the city. And the poem I believe that the best language school vyribat at home or work. This choice will provide significant savings of your time by reducing the time spent on the road to the school. Of course, you should not run into the first written language school on the corner of your house, but not in any way reject the opportunity. Need to avoid all language schools in your area and make the right choice. SELECTION CRITERIA? First, look at the teacher, because in the first place they will teach you the language and methods of teaching, office equipment audio and video equipment - are tools for misuse any effect. But in the right hands it can all significantly affect the learning process, so I would set priorities so choose language school - the teachers, the technique prepodvaniya, equipping classrooms, training costs. Why this order? Technique in the language school is in second place because no matter how good the teacher, you have learned the wrong language teaching methods. And even with minimal equipment cabinets there is the ability to play audio material, and this is the main thing. Videos are welcome and are generally in a good language school for at least one room equipped for video viewing on the big screen. Well, about the cost of education in the school - I think it's better to pay once more, you go a second time to learn the language and spend time again. You do not forget, you want to become a successful person, and the time required for you is more important than cost money, as in a day of 24 hours, and the time can not be bought. But for a time-MANAGEMENT we'll talk next time, and seychasm summarize this article. So you've decided to become a successful person, to do this you need: a good education to be able to keep yourself in any society, a good education including knowledge of the culture of other countries and peoples, to travel to broaden their horizons, a language school to learn several foreign languages . That's all, wait for the next publication, before the meeting)

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