Higher Education in Germany with Pro-Uni

International cooperation in the field of education and science is one of the most important aspects of the development of the world community. Back in 1991, the World Bank, "World Development Report" issued a declaration: "The purpose of (the world community - DS) is to improve the quality of life. It includes: a better education, nutrition, health, poverty reduction, improvement of the environment, equal opportunities, the expansion of individual freedom and a richer cultural life. " It is significant that in the program report as extremely pragmatic organization, whose members are accustomed to weigh every word, an emphasis is on education - it is at the first place, as the fundamental condition of all the other achievements.
An example of a fruitful and long-term cooperation in the scientific, cultural and educational areas are intensively developing relations between Russia and Germany.

It is significant that in both countries, an increasing number of supporters of the theory of endogenous growth, according to which the production of scientific and technical products to become the most important creative factor, which implies the urgent need to increase investment in human capital, education and science. Proponents of the theory believe that the development of the national economy should be through the use of internal resources, especially intellectual growth, while the market, no matter how it was developed, may not provide an optimal mix and work for the benefit of society.
Today, in Germany and in Russia there are not only social, but also commercial organizations, with conviction and confidence to bet on economically sound and socially useful work in this direction.
One of these organizations, which is characterized by a balanced combination of idealism and pragmatism, that is, expressed desire to work in the field of development of Russian-German friendship and cooperation, combined with productive business activity is the European Educational Center «PRO-UNI» Hamburg.
«PRO-UNI» over the years has established itself as a responsible and highly educational operator, capable of designing and successfully implemented in dozens of German language, educational, cultural and educational programs for citizens of Russia and CIS countries. The main activity center - a program of training and admission to German universities, graduate school, MBA school. Of course, the basis for the preparation of language teaching, which «PRO-UNI» organized by partner institutions, including the best language schools and language centers of higher education institutions in Germany. Much attention is paid by the Hamburg specialists also socio-cultural adaptation and integration of students, most of which is a youth intellectual elite capable of efficiently create new realities of an integrating Europe.

In view of the fact that Russia and the EU, and above all a "locomotive EU" - Germany are the biggest economic partners, and current trends show a steady expansion of their cooperation, higher education in Germany is one of the most promising launching pads for young Russians and CIS citizens for career growth and ambitious personal plans.
It is imperative to join the statement, the German Ambassador in Russia, the distinguished Dr. Walter Jürgen Schmid that the cooperation in the field of education can "make our country worthy of the future."

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