Should I get a higher education

There are many employees who either do not have a higher education, or are incomplete. They have all the right skills, but at some point in front of them there is a problem for career advancement. Then to have to decide for themselves the need for higher education.

It's one thing when an employee is able to adapt and acquire the necessary skills. Another thing, when to move up the career ladder will need a graduate degree. What counts is the choice of priorities. Each decides whether to spend the effort to stability, high pay, professional development.

Take a job with a fairly high salary. For this can not always need a higher education. Essential skills, and work experience. Another question - work with a high salary in major companies. In this sense, today increased competition from young graduates, energetic and have a good training. Most of the space will be given to them, especially if they meet the formal requirements of employers.

For those employees who, not having a diploma, has extensive practical experience, however, there is also a chance for career advancement. They need to show that they are quite adaptable, capable of continuous improvement, can quickly and effectively educate themselves. The development and expansion of horizons on the basis of practical experience - too serious plus for employers. In particular, when it comes to scarce at the moment specialties. Then the company will not be hard to follow their formal requirements in their own interest.

For example, a specialty related to communication, such as public relations, advertising, etc.. What counts is the direct experience of the staff and to a much lesser extent, the theoretical material learned college lectures and classes. Important personality, creative and systems thinking, professional learning. Employee with a high level of motivation and these qualities are not necessarily will have a graduate degree.

There is another point. Many people today are seeking university diploma. Higher education increasingly means a certain prestige. And those who do not have a diploma, may feel that they are worse than others. There is an inferiority complex. And he obviously does not help with the interviews. Therefore it is important to treat the problem positively. Your advantages - is, first of all, your skills and abilities.

So whether you need a higher education? Yes, if it will bring you peace of mind. Yes, if not you will not get the desired job or position. But if you are confident in their abilities and career diploma is not required, we can hardly begin training at the university. In many companies there are opportunities to take courses, seminars and the like.

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