How to choose a college? Use a strategic approach!

Where do? Perhaps, it is - the first real strategic decision to take a young man in her life. The decisions he took before, were mostly tactical. What is it - a strategic decision?

First, the strategic decision, determines a person's life for years to come (perhaps as in life).

Second, once the decision to correct strategic decision is usually impossible. But even if this is possible, it is always associated with large losses (time, money, image, etc.).

For example, a man took a strategic decision to quickly and easily make a fortune and robbed a bank. Police caught him, and the court sentenced him to 10 years in prison. At 10 years of his life will be subject to a regular schedule and certain rules. And nothing will be impossible to do. Even after release from prison a man's life will be deterministically this long decision (conviction, time is lost, opportunities missed, friends disappeared, etc.).

Third, the strategic decision to lead to global effects, ie affects all aspects of human life. For example, you decide, take a walk tomorrow gymnastics or not, apologize to the teacher of Russian myself today or tomorrow, under pressure from their parents. This - tactical decisions. Whatever you decide, your life (daily routine, food, friends, location, comfort, etc.) is essential for a long time does not change. Strategic decision in my life all or almost all. Take one vision - is like a million to take tactical decisions. End up in prison or in the army - it means to be in a very different life. Look at the wonderful old movie "The Shawshank Redemption" - it is very well illustrated instant change the way of life of man.

Choice of university - is, of course, a strategic decision. The cost of failure is very high. Well, if the hitting is not in its place, you are already on the ground - the second course will realize they were wrong and you will have the determination and fortitude to say to yourself, "Stop! I was wrong. First things first. " And if not enough? Then you run into the fact that the wasted five years of youth work and the abyss, forever missed opportunities, frustrated in school and life, have lost faith in themselves.

How is the correct approach to strategic decision-making? - You ask.

The answer is: only competent and professional! Do not you know how? Did you not taught this in school? Did you not learn this parent? Are not you watching on TV of educational films on the subject? Hmmm ... strange!

Do not worry - I'm kidding. Of course, I know that no one will ever you (and only you), this is not taught and, most likely, will not teach. In school, you learn a lot, but not strategic planning.

But this, in general, your personal difficulties. Make strategic decisions, you will still have to! Even if you take a strategic decision not solve anything himself and let his parents decide everything for you - it's like to be your strategic decision. And if you then blame the parents (that's you I nasovetovali! Aaaaaa!), You might feel better. But not much, because all the consequences of the decision you are still fully experience personally.

So how to make a strategic decision on the choice of high school, in order to minimize the possibility of a blunder?

First and most important - must clearly and as honestly answer the two questions:

I want to do after high school?

For what I want to do?

Terminate read and try to answer these questions.

Typically, these questions high school and applicants to ask yourself often. And in vain? Oh, nothing! Well, you did to the university. Well, of course, proceed! Not the first time since the third. Not for free, as a paid department. And not only to do, but also finish up and get a diploma. And then what?

Do - it is not an end in itself. Even get a diploma - not an end in itself. Getting an education - it is not a goal but a means (way) to an end. Goal - to create yourself a life, what you want. And what you want?

You want to be respected or free? Smart or executive? Supervisor or subordinate? Freelance artist? Independent consultant? Want to work in Belarus or in Europe? At work or in science? Or maybe you want to have your own business? Want daily risk? Travel a lot? Serve time at work from 8:00 to 17:00?

Knowledge that you will receive at the university, and the degree which you will be given is valuable only because it can help you realize your dreams. Can help. But they can not help. May even permanently take away from the desired goal.

Man strategist is to learn, not for a diploma (why do you this piece of paper?), Not for the parents (who, what the hell your studies?), Not for the country (not cost you), not because it is accepted (and who is accepted? ). He comes to learn for themselves - in order to achieve their dreams. If higher education does not bring it to the dream, he does not go to college. Such a person - a person, the creator of your life. And you?

Many young people on their parents being the prestige, "trendy" college, faculty or specialty. I believe that it is unwise for many reasons. Yes, there is a degree that today are at the peak of popularity. And what will be in 5 years? Whether these professionals still in demand? Or by the time they become so numerous that they will be forced to compete fiercely with each other for a few jobs?

Basically, I do not claim to be in fashion - it's bad. Not at all, because you can not accept the worst solution. But taking fashion as a guide, it is very difficult to make the best decision.

How many professions do you know? I guess what you would call up to 20, and, of those, which often speak or write to the media. But there are many more. Have a look at the site www.obrazovanie.by - this site has a guide for applicants, which can be found with a list of specialties, which in Belarus train specialists with higher education. I'm sure - you'll be surprised how many of them! Specialties are much more than you imagine yourself now.

Maybe watching this list, you'll come across it on the specialty, which will be your best strategic decision. Which will stop the years of study in the joy (and not a burden.) Will make you more creative (and not hard labor.) Which will allow you to discover and realize their creative potential, realize their dreams and become a happier person.

Ask yourself two key questions (see above). Give them an honest answer. And let this be your first step in making the right strategic decisions. Good luck to you!

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