Where to start to learn Chinese

So you have decided to learn the language of the ancient country - China. It is excellent. But now you're faced the question - where to start studying it? Which of the methods to choose? There are not many options for a total of 4. They are:
- Enroll in courses at the University of
- To study a language course
- Find a tutor
- Alone (the most difficult option, and selects the few)
Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will talk about them.
First you need to set priorities and to think, why and for what purpose you need the Chinese language.
1) If you decide to link their lives with a foreign language, in this case - the Chinese language in the future to find a job in this profession, your choice - university. There, you will spend time studying 5 years, and then in a year or half a year you'll probation. After that, you can select graduate and then you'll have a level of Chinese language, which is sufficient enough to succeed in their field.
Advantages: learning a language at a very high level, and then practice in China. After graduating from university, you go out there and ready for a specialist robot. The most important thing to you - it is sensible to choose a place of learning.
Disadvantages: Time. Not everyone can spend 2 or 3 years to re-higher education or for the first 5 years. We can do different: you need to learn two specialties - then choose a college where studied economic sciences and a foreign language, in your case - the Chinese language. These universities have enough
2) Those who are in need of Chinese to work and already has a profession for many years, for the second time education is not - we can advise higher rates of language. Many businesses and companies are currently conducting such courses. Most often you pick up a group to study the language from zero. These classes often spend a weekend or a few times a week in the evening.
But it is better to leave on holiday weekends. A deal with 2 or 3 times a week and a half or two hours. In this version of the weekend you will be able to repeat what you have learned, review what you do not understand the issues and form in order to then ask them to his teacher.
Advantages: the level of language depends on the time spent.
Disadvantages: there are a lot of courses, but it is very difficult to find decent. Only a handful of professional teachers.
3) You need a Chinese business? To talk with partners or write to them, you can learn with coaches, and all the rest of the study itself. But here the situation is even worse than the courses. For some reason, even those who have completed at least one course of the institute - are beginning to consider themselves tutors. Better to choose the undergraduates or teachers who have completed the training and keep their own classes at universities.
Advantages: Do you pick and choose from a tutor to temporary employment.
Disadvantages: the level many times lower than the university and you will learn just what will select a tutor and, depending on the time spent on training
4) Learn the language yourself. Now a lot of people do that. Then there are all the conditions and possibilities for this - websites, portals (where you can find a lot of the right material and literature for the study), forums (here you can communicate with their own kind, that is, learners of the Chinese language)
Advantages: You can plan your own activities, to decide the duration of employment, study, where you want. And all for free.
Disadvantages: It all depends on you. You will have no competition, so you will not see the other students, and you can not feel the extra motivation for learning. Your level will depend on your perseverance and quantity of time spent.

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