Learning a foreign language. Which language to learn?

Consider the main foreign languages.

English is the official language of England and indeed the UK. 31 U.S. state to speak the language! English is also used in Canada, Ireland, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, and partly in Asia. Those who communicate in English is called anglophones. According to the classification of foreign languages, the English language belongs to the language of Eurasia, Indo-European family, the German branch, the West German team-Anglo-Frisian subgroup. The total number of English speakers is more than 510 million people. For this 400 million native speakers.
English language has many dialects. For England, this cockney skauz, Cumberland, and others. For North America, characterized by African American English, Chicano, American Standard.
Learning English is now offering a number of schools and centers of learning English. In any Language Centre you will find a suitable course of English St. Petersburg. English courses usually have different levels - this English for beginners, and the intensity, English for children and other levels.
Wherever you go - English language will give you the freedom to communicate.

German language - is the official language of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, one of the official languages ​​of Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. German refers to the languages ​​of Eurasia, Indo-European family, the German branch - West German team.
For the 110 million people on the planet German native speakers. Another 120 million people use it as a second language. German has three main groups of dialects: dialects of northern Germany (nizhnefranksky, ostfalsky, srednepommersky, etc.), the average German dialects (West srednenemetsky, reynfranksky, srednefranksky, etc.), as well as dialects of the southern part of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy.
Learning the German language, you can easily find in a number of centers for the study of foreign languages. She studied German language, you will have a certain level of proficiency in German. Today, German courses St. Petersburg offer different levels of training - from the German for beginners to German language at the level of a native speaker.

French is the official language of France and the mother tongue of French-speaking population of Belgium, Switzerland, Canada (in these countries French is recognized as one of the official). Total speakers of French is more than 200 million, of which more than a million use this language as a mother. French dialects are divided into the following groups: eastern, western, south-western, northern, central, south-eastern. French is the most romantic of languages, and rightly so - because France is a symbol of romance and love!
French courses Petersburg today offer unlimited opportunities for learning French. This French language courses for children, and French for beginners, and business French. Choose a French course and enjoy the romance of France!

Today we discussed the three most common foreign languages ​​- English, German and French. Next time we'll talk about the burning and passionate Italian and Spanish!

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