What You Should Know To Get Spanish Grant?

If you want to study in Spain, learn Spanish and enjoy the beautiful views and enjoy the mild climate of this hospitable country, then you can try to get a scholarship.

What will this do?

First - this is to read the terms of the competition for the grant. There are five competitions for Ukrainians for a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

Second - this is knowledge. On what level it is necessary to know the language in order to participate in the competition for a grant? To answer this question clearly impossible. If you own a Spanish perfectly, of course, you will be in the future easier to learn and quick, painless process will adapt to life in a foreign country. However, if you're just starting to learn the language, then you too can, along with those who know the language at a higher level to take part in the competition. In the selection of the contestants do not pass a language test. The only condition - the presentation of a certificate or other document that would specify the level at which you speak Spanish.

D.E.L.E. - Official diploma that confirms knowledge of Spanish as a foreign language. Tests for certification shall be one of the levels: basic, intermediate or high. And the level of language proficiency test, you can choose for yourself before the test-taking themselves.

So, even with a basic knowledge of the language, you can get a diploma DELE And when they apply for the competition for grants is preferable to have a diploma. But the document of the language may be different, for example, a diploma of attendance of Spanish certificate from the institution where you are studying at the moment Spanish, indicating the level of education and the number of hours a week, and so on.

One tip: if you want to learn the language at a higher level in Spain, you can not just take a language course, but also work out on their own, bring up weaknesses and gaps in their knowledge. After all, to go to another country, and not just leave and go to study for a long time - it does not go around the corner to the bakery. Here, without the knowledge of the language will be very difficult.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain holds annual competitions for grants and you need to keep track of information on its official website. The competition is open to all comers. The competition is held in the online mode.

The site has all the information about the programs, what are the requirements for contestants, described the selection procedure and instructions to help you fill out forms. You need to register and fill out a form in which to enter your personal data and information about education. When you write about your education, the need to specify a higher educational institution in which to study or learn, your profession, your level of education, in which field you were trained, what themes you have heard, the level of Spanish. If you have any publications, they also need to specify (the name must be entered in Spanish or English). Also, you must write your chosen program of study, the name of the Spanish university where you want to study, or to conduct research, education theme, in what specialty you want to study, field of study (if you are coming just for this) and the duration of training. You also need to specify whether you need an extension of the grant.

Your training program you design yourself. It should include the education theme, a letter in which you have to motivate your desires, what you need to be trained, educated, you would like to get letters of recommendation (should be two), technical and professional characteristics of the project.

When choosing a university where you would like to be trained, you need to carefully consider the information about the studied programs and the topic of teachers. Then you'll have a huge advantage in the competition. Even you should be interested chosen university my project.

Moving on. When you fill out the forms on the site, you need to print offer you the documents, fill them in the mail to send to Spain in your chosen university representative, who is responsible for the competitive selection of candidates for the grant. These documents you will have three. The first contains all the information that you have been presented on the site, the second confirms the absence of any fiscal obligations to Spain. And the third - is your application to your chosen university indicating the faculty, courses, programs, and so on. Do not forget to attach your documents legalized diploma.

Legalize the diploma can be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the embassy. But it is quite expensive. Original also do not want to send. What to do? You can send a copy of the diploma, translated into Spanish, after assuring her of a notary. It is necessary to explain the reason that sent a copy (financial problems, lack of time, etc.). And if so at your request, the Spanish Embassy will still ask you the original diploma. Therefore legalized diploma still have one, but it can be pre-election after passing round.

If you win the competition, the Spanish Embassy in your country, it will notify you in writing and provide a list of documents required for the visa.

What are the advantages of Spanish Grant? There are several. First, fluent in Spanish is not necessary, and secondly, no additional test items and interviews than offered on the website do not. On-line mode allows you to protect yourself on the pile of papers. Information on the site allows you to select a program to fill out the forms, track selection procedure, see the rights and obligations of the contestants, as well as Fellows during their stay in Spain.

If you want a Spanish grant and are ready to start preparing for the competitive selection, then go for it, and remember that the chance to get a grant to study in Spain is at all, and it all depends on you.

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