Can I get a great job, not having a higher education?

I often hear: "Everywhere we need people with a higher education! If such education is not, then the good work can not even dream. It should be somewhere or somehow get a higher education, or to continue to work for very little money. "

But is it? What gives us such higher education, if without it we are doomed to low-paying jobs?

Well, let's all about it ...

First, where did this stereotype? From newspapers. Of advertising newspapers, where the majority of jobs looking for employment. A man finds he needed an ad that fully satisfies his desires and read the requirements for prospective candidates. One of these requirements - higher education! And almost every ad, promises or less decent wage, there is a requirement.

Second, what should be the employer of the applicant higher education? I'm not talking about professions such as cardiac surgeon, a programmer - here higher education matter of course. No, I mean, when the printed announcement of a vacancy for the position of administrator of a trading hall, an office manager, store manager, and so on. Because these positions are quite specific directionality, where, in my view, higher education is by no means necessary!

But the point here is this: the employer wants to hire a decent, responsible person who is not faint at the sight of the computer and be able to express themselves culturally in their own language! That's it! The requirement for higher education - is not nothing but a simple deterrence illiterate and, simply, stupid people.

Judge for yourself if the company is willing to pay more than others, how many will be willing to settle in such a company? And how many of those fans wanting freebies, irresponsible, dishonest, stupid, lazy, drunks and other parasites? Precisely in order to weed out this contingent, the employer and says that we need people with a higher education! In reality, he needed reliable people who will come and work honestly to fulfill their salaries, instead of looking for a convenient excuse to shalturili.

Here is an example: my good friend has a small shop. It so happened that one of the sellers quit and had to quickly find a replacement. My friend (let's call him Andrew) filed a notice in a newspaper about a vacancy in his shop.

The ad was very simple: "a woman is required to work in a grocery seller department. Availability of health books and work experience required. Schedule 2/2 from 8.00 to 22.00. Salary - 10,000 rubles / month +% of revenue. Please call ... ".

Andrew phone calls exploded like wanting to get this job! To the interview came to him a crowd of women of all ages and appearances. That's what he told Andrew: "This crowd alkashek homeless and I've never seen! Beaten, half-drunk, dirty, foul smelling - they were the majority. Weed out immediately, leaving only the most decent, normal speech, and neatly dressed. So what? One the first day drunk as a lord, and the second took off from the till five pieces, and said that it was, others just did not come to work in his shift. "

He had to submit a new ad, but now he has already indicated that a higher education - also a must! Just added the phrase, nothing more, and the contingent applicants for jobs immediately changed! As a result, Andrew took a job decent woman, although she was not higher education.

Again: is that really need a higher education. But take in hand any newspaper with advertisements for the recruitment and look - so if there are many such jobs? Five? Ten? Perhaps twenty? And the others?

That's it ...

I want to give advice: choose any ad for a job with the requirement for higher education (but, in your opinion, without which this position can and do), call them, ask all of your questions about the work and then ask this: "Tell me, please , but higher education - it is fundamentally important? '. I think the answer will surprise and please!

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