Strategies quickly and effectively memorizing English words

Learn a foreign language is very difficult, particularly new words and then not do without cramming for days on end. But one do differently. The founder of English language courses, Inna Maksimenko, believes that if properly and sensibly use all capabilities of the brain, we can learn a lot faster and more fun.
Small children who are learning their native language and polyglots who learn multiple languages ​​at the same time, do not have any difficulty in doing so. There are some secrets and effective teaching strategies. Now I'll tell you about them, they can be easily and more quickly memorize words.
1. You can use the power of your emotions.
Here we take the word honey - honey. What associations does it cause you? Luli, who teach words faster and easier, bind them with something very important to you.
For example, the word evokes the image of honey girlfriend because Americans love to call those whom they love. If you encounter a new word in an interesting story for you, it will get in touch with the emotions that you felt when reading this story. For this study with texts, movies, books and communicate with interesting people for you.
2. Embed a new word in my experience.
Little children, when taught their tongue, then notice the new words in different contexts and situations. They hear the word "white", and then when they look at the white snow, paper, sugar, they will repeat it. This helps to easily learn new words. Therefore, more likely to use new words in any suitable situations when learning a foreign language.
3. Faith in their capabilities.
Tell me, you have a good memory? And you can easily memorize English words? People who have learned the language, they believed in themselves. Remember, you must separate the local failure and its possibilities, is to believe in themselves and then all you get.
4. Remember for a lifetime
Many students are interested in, and how their knowledge will be stored after the course? And do not forget whether language in a year if they do not practice. It all depends on the purpose and how highly motivated person. We advise you to create in the mind is how quickly you can recover the skills to determine the period of time.
5. Always remember tselee
This research, it can be concluded that people who have strong motivation can learn language much faster than the other. Those who need to learn the words to the next class, remember the words of a best friend who will not tell about it. Impossible to start a new business without a good reason and motivation. It gives strength and patience. If you have the motivation, the chance to learn the language of your success are very high.
6. Studying unconsciously
Young children learn language easily when you're talking, playing games and just studying the world. Anyone who enters the place where they speak the target language, easily absorbs hundreds of words with pronunciation and grammar rules. And they do not sit around and bison. Usually people use only a small part of his brain, but those who learn any language, they were able to open the hidden parts of their potential. Unconscious learning many times to deliberate speed. This can be done when the mind busy with other work, and you memorize new words unconsciously. For example, when you are talking to someone, all your attention and consciousness engaged in conversation, and his theme. But on an unconscious level you absorb vocabulary. Therefore, learn English words while reading, watching movies, news, more often communicate in that language. Then you'll be busy, but will unconsciously learn new expressions.

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