How to teach children not to be afraid of dogs?

We often meet people who aggressively disposed on dogs and their owners. Of course, the reasons for this behavior are many, from elementary envy ("you can have a dog, and I'm not") as well as to various psychological disorders.
Most often, the fear of the dog as a child can turn into aggressive behavior, not only for the dogs, but also to their owners. To others, including friends, relatives, and those who experience chronic stress from the fear of dogs, people can show sudden aggression.

Unfortunately, not all mothers know that even their "good" actions against the dog can instill instinctive fear for life. For often recall one of the popular movie about the life of apes approaching predator female monkeys thumbed his child in his arms, and accompanied by the action of the corresponding face and cry of alarm (the child at the time remembers the behavior of his mother, and this lesson is very laid deep in the subconscious mind). And compare the behavior of some of the mothers, the appearance on the horizon of the dog. And a human child, too, instinctively turned to the training and the subconscious fear of delayed four-legged friend.
And it turns out that healthy "people" and 30-40 years are afraid of dogs! Nothing good in women and men who are afraid of dogs, I do not see ...
Therefore, there are conflicts with the blue dog breeders and dog lovers.
In general, if you think that the dog may harm the child, just have to calmly accept the child in his arms without showing fear and anxiety on his face.
And if the child is terrified of dogs, how to fix it?

Has the following methods:

1. Need another child (the same sex and about the same age), from a family who have a dog, and he is not afraid of her.
2. Conduct joint walk, about once a week for 20 minutes. During this time, time to walk with the child, he must observe and watch another child playing with a dog.

And due to the fact that children can easily take their cue from their peers and podrozhat each other, fear of the terrible and vicious dog may completely disappear. Usually sufficient for five days. If the effect of this work is weak, you can try to have a dog at home.

You can go in a different direction. If your child will fatten stray dogs, but under supervision, then the effect will always be positive. If you have a dog, and ask you to show someone else's child as your dog plays with the children - to go to the meeting, the time it will not take a little bit, as the dog is still walking and sports, and fears of a dog at someone else's child will be less. Do not forget, just put on her muzzle.

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