English teaching children-first error Parents

English teaching children in a school with a traditional curriculum usually starts with learning the letters of the alphabet. You need to know what they are called and how they are written. English teaching children at home, many parents are also trying to start with the alphabet. Herein lies the root of many problems. English teaching children started strans.gifneosmyslennogo memorization alphabet can only lead to the fact that the child will quickly lose interest in the learning process, and all the efforts of teachers and parents will be in vain. English tutor for children, conducting individual sessions, usually offers the student an alternative program that is interesting to the child, as he remembers the words and phrases in the game, and after a few lessons they can apply in practice to the great delight of her.

English teaching children is to teach children to speak, read and write in a foreign language. But if you start teaching English to children memorization alphabet, learning to read is much more complicated, because the child does not yet know almost no English words and phrases, and they have to learn to read. At best, the result of such employment child perceives a foreign language abstract. And the letters exactly with all of their names, in pairs, the "big-small", and printed versions of uppercase spelling for the novice student is very difficult to remember. It turns out that the teaching of English children, coming to such a program, does not lead to high achievement of the child, in addition, the young student quickly loses all interest in learning a foreign language and takes as another science, not interesting and useful exercise.

English teaching children must necessarily begin with the study of the most simple and obvious words, such as mother, sun, water. Only when the child will surely know how to strange foreign language he heard the familiar words, when it would be easy to get used to and accept them, then you can show them what they look like in writing. English tutor for children usually try first classes were held only in oral form, it teaches the child to greet, say goodbye, shows him with English words and names are the things that surround the child every day. English teaching children, especially learning to read, of course, is different from learning to read and talk in their native language of the child. It is more difficult, because the child hears impermanent foreign language, so it's hard to compare them with those letters, which he sees on paper. English tutor for children should make the most of the opportunities and the lessons for the child to perceive the English language to hear and distinguish individual sounds, then it will be easier to correlate them with the letters after he begins to study angliyskiyalfavit, and whole words on paper, when he starts to learn to read foreign words and phrases

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