School furniture and its impact on children's health


Use of school furniture that meets the sanitary requirements, is essential to ensure the continued health, proper physical development, preventing a disorder of posture and vision in school children.
School furniture
By the choice of school furniture to be approached very seriously: it should be comfortable and safe. Time spent in the preschool, elementary school, falls in an important period of growth and development of all systems of the body of the child. Therefore, on the chair on which he would sit at which table will determine not only the formation of the correct posture, but further progress. Often, a child coming to the first class, sits down at the desk and sitting at it for a long period of time, for which he is getting used to the learning process, learning to focus, so it did not bother - the teacher must teach the student to sit for school furniture . And to ensure that the student can properly sit at a desk, school furniture in the class must be properly selected according to the age and growth of students. School furniture should be purchased only from manufacturers who have all the necessary certificates.
Proper planting child for school furniture is characterized by the following criteria:

the body is in a vertical position, a student sitting at a desk right;
both shoulders should be at the same height and mentally drawn line through the shoulder joints should be parallel to the table;
Planting should provide full contact with the floor of the child stop or a special board, if the school furniture can not be matched to a child of that growth;
hips and pelvis should be fully in contact with the bench chair;
child should not hang between the board desks and floor;
back of the child should be supported in his chair;
when reading or writing the baby's arms should be on the edge of the table and with both eyes should be at the same distance from a book or notebook. The optimal distance is about 30-35 cm, it is often the length of the forearm.

With this landing child, we seek to reduce the muscle tone back and shoulder, which saves posture and stabilize it with the correct parameters.
The results of the study landing students in grades 1-4, with all the elements of proper posture, show that the use of the traditional school furniture (desk, chair) correct posture are only 12.5% of the students, despite the compliance of this furniture Rostovs indicators children.
This is due to the lack of formation of working posture at the initial stage of training. Incorrect working posture for most students become familiar and, subsequently, may lead to the development of pathology of the musculoskeletal system (abnormal posture and scoliosis), and blurred vision.


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